RedWeb Campaigns has partnered with efundraising connections in order to provide our clients the latest technology in online fundraising.

Social Media Fundraising

Our social media fundraising tool simply allows your supporters to raise money on your behalf. Individuals can get their own custom fundraising page and contact their friends and family to make the ask.

With our social media tools, you will solicit funds from a wider variety of people and raise money you wouldn’t have previously asked for. Integration with Facebook allows people to immediately tell their friends they are supporting your cause. Raise more money today with our unique social media fundraising tool.

Event Based Fundraising

If your organization plans their fundraising around events, our event based fundraising will help you stay organized and collect donations. Create custom event pages with all of the details, including an event flier, dates and times, and donation amounts.

You can also collect important attendance information, such as guests and special requirements. All attendees and contributions can be viewed by logging into the easy to use interface. Help stay organized and be more efficient fundraising with our event tools.

Comprehensive Fundraising Form

Our effective contribution form gives your organization the online fundraising presence it needs to raise money in today’s connected world. Our page is easily customizable to fit with your brand and collects the information relevant to you.

With effective reporting and instant notification, you will have the information you need from your donors. And with the ability to setup recurring payments, you can quickly hit your fundraising goals.